photograph of professional rugby players from Northampton and bristol playing a game of rugby

Treating professional athletes and return to play

I have gained considerable experience in treating professional athletes and amateur sportspeople. I understand the need for balancing post-operative rehabilitation with the desire to return to playing.


For professional players, an injury could lead to loss of their place in the team or for non-team players unable to participate in a tournament. This can cause anxiety and depression and loss of income.

I always aim together with the hand team around me to get players fit as soon as possible so they may return quickly and effectively to their sport. Sometimes an early return is not possible as the injury could become worse. In this scenario, I keep the individual fully informed regarding progress. I work closely with my hand therapists as well as the club and individual’s medical teams to develop a targeted rehabilitation regime and ensure a timely safe return to sporting activities.


I am a member of the Football Medicine and Performance Association and have published articles on hand and wrist injuries in football players. I have treated professional players from the local teams.


I have treated international and English players. I have published the largest study of Cricket injuries in professional players in association with the ECB.


Hand injuries are common in rugby and professionals from England as well as Wales have sought my advice and care.


Hockey players mainly sustain injuries due to direct blows from the ball or stick. Many local players have attended my clinic for treatment.


Wrist injuries in racquet sports are common especially pain on the ulnar aspect. Most often these injuries can be treated by physiotherapy following investigation and diagnosis. However, more interventional procedures may be required. I have treated junior squash and tennis players, some from the USA college system and international junior players.


Golfers can sustain soft tissue injuries to the wrist. Fractures are less common. However, the hook of hamate fracture is regularly overlooked by other health professionals. I have treated both professional golfers and up and coming junior players.


I have treated GB Olympic team members.


I have treated professional riders and developed a particular interest in Pump Arm Syndrome.